Monday, 28 September 2015

You Love Unconditionally ?... Think again !

" My love has no boundaries, no expectations and no demands. I Love them for ever. Might be some call my love and service Madness but for me it is a form of worship." says the choturam describing his unconditional Love for birds and animals.
Its about 70 years and more that he , his father and now his son take care of the birds who gets accidentally wounded or left by owners. He medicate the wounded ones and feed them until they gets well. He not only serve the wounded but is concerned about the human-wildlife conflicts. He till now have saved 8,280 (approx) snakes and other wildlife creatures and help them getting back to safer places. He earns nearly Rs.250 ( $5 ) a day and in his this earnings he feed his family and them too.

He might be having really small and undeveloped place for keeping them but the space in his heart is bigger than any place in this world.


Special thanks to #fans of photography :).. Fine art studio, ajit nagar, near dhingra hospital Amritsar.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I am a WOMEN... whats your superpower ?

Being a lady with self-esteem, truthfulness and perseverance is what not easily swollen by a patriarchal society like that of India. People often portray women as a symbol of weakness but some women like Mrs. Harwinder kaur, know how to answer such morons.

"I filed a case against domestic violence by my husband and when my case was at the verge of completion they (Case in-charge) told me that in order to make the case strong i need to give them one lac rupees " said Mrs. Harwinder Kaur. She was surprised to hear that and she refused to give any money. 
On her refusal to pay bribe she was mentally harassed by continuous messages on her personal number. They even molested her. "That day I literally cried my eyes out. I was feeling so helpless but then I thought that its me who is suffering & only I need put this all to an end. " said Mrs. Harwinder Kaur. She finally agreed to pay the bribe (they thought) but when he was taking bribe from her she made a video. She showed that video to media and finally she got justice when they got suspended.

Mrs. Harwinder Kaur told that when she bought this case in the limelight, she received phone calls from many ladies stating that the same person has done the same with them too. It is really unbelievable!! Yeah!.. It takes courage to risk one's name and stand alone against the wrong but how can one remain silent to any of such things??... Girls, You really need to focus on these Motivational words by Mrs. Harwinder Kaur 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

I choose not to place DIS in MY ABILITY

You meet thousands of people every day in and out and there are times when some people you meet changes your cognizance of life. That what happened when i met Kikishah. He is suffering from duchenne muscular dystrophy (a genetic disease which causes weakening of muscle and a person finds difficult to walk, run, jump and climb stairs. As the person gets older only the arms work properly and rest body totally handicapped). Besides being physically handicapped he can't even speak and hear properly.

Since he was totally handicapped his family, his wife and all his relatives left him by telling him that he is a burden for all. He spent years in loneliness with his pains, his sorrows and his struggle all of his own. He has a single room to live . His room also serve as a work place for him.

It has been 42 years since he is ironing clothes to earn his living. He works for 8 hours a day and even do his household works on his own. When i inquired that what makes him work that hard ? he said, "Begging was though an easy option. I could make anyone have pity on me and help me in making my daily bread but i found that my soul had not been handicapped yet and that helped me work for myself ".

Disability is not a curse according to me , rather it is a boon because a few non-functional parts defines the real part of people in your life. The one who see a disability before he see you gives you an idea that where your strength is really residing. All you have to do is make that strength in you an inspiration to others and those who choose to discriminate will be forced to appreciate :) ;)

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


" MONEY ?.. no I prefer difference " said he when asked about what was the reason behind his 55 years of copious selfless service. Besides being a teacher, he is a painter, a musician, a philanthropist and above all a great human being. He worked for years in secret for the welfare of needy and poor children by teaching them free and by paying their school fee. He also used to teach them music and painting so that children weak in studies could raise money for them and their families.

Seriously, think about a situation taking yourself in the picture that you are working hard for whole month day and night and at the end of the month you are not getting salary ! and there's no hope of such too !!. DIFFICULT? .. ya i know and this man worked for 55 years like this only.

Being a government teacher his salary had never been enough for all his highly ambitious work but he never left hope and his profuse alms finally bear fruit when his taught children became doctor, journalist, teacher, musician, painter ( at melbourne, australia) , nurse, bussinessman, etc.

Paintings by S. Avtaar Singh 

And this one got a deep meaning,